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NAHBA invites you to join the growing number of states who share an interest in the regulation of outdoor advertising and junkyards across America.
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Recent News- Archive 2010
Recent news includes the latest news from periodicals and publications, legislation, and legal and public opinion topics concerning outdoor advertising and junkyard control. Contact Jenny Hall at if you have additional items to be included on NAHBA's website.

June 2010
The United Kingdom's Transport Research Laboratory has released a report that explores simulated driving behavior when approaching various experimental advertisements. The report can be downloaded after completing an online registration form. Click here to view Investigating Driving distraction: The Effects of Video and Static Advertising.

June 2010
Ohio transportation officials are working hard to find new revenue for road side rest areas. Click here to view the article from Karan Farkas, The Plain Dealer.

April 2010
Click here to view updates regarding the FHWA Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program (STEP).

April 2010
Digital Billboard Recommendationsand Comparisons to Conventional Billboards, by Ian Lewin Ph.D., FIES, L.C. This report summarizes several research projects undertaken related to billboard lighting. Click here to view the article

February 2010 Advancing the digital billboard medium as a news source, Clear Channel Outdoor launched the Total Out of Home Network featuring real-time traffic data. Click here to view the news article. Click here to view the News Release.

January 2010 A patent by Google in 2008 illustrates a process where ads could be placed on buildings, marquees, and billboards in Google Street View. As Frederic Lardinois notes, this could stir up a lot of issues over virtual property rights, particulary if Google leases virtual ad space over existing physical ad space. Click here to view the article.


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