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The bi-annual teleconferences are now scheduled the 2nd Tuesdays in April and October. If you want to participate, please contact NAHBA at

NAHBA invites you to join the growing number of states who share an interest in the regulation of outdoor advertising and junkyards across America.
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Recent News- Archive 2009
Recent news includes the latest news from periodicals and publications, legislation, and legal and public opinion topics concerning outdoor advertising and junkyard control. Contact Jenny Hall at if you have additional items to be included on NAHBA's website.

November 2009

Summary of FHWA's Assessment Group Workshop- Definition of Customary Maintenance; On November 17-18, 2009, a draft definition for "customary maintenance" was developed at an FHWA workshop. Click here to view the report. Click here to view Scenic America's comments regarding the draft definition.


September 2009
Core federal-aid highway dollars can be used by state DOT's for a variety of professional development and training of your workforce. Click here to view the CEO letter regarding professional development. Click here to veiw the attachements to the CEO letter. Click here to view the 5204(e) funding memorandum.

September 2009
FHWA Memorandum to provide information to assist the Division Offices in determining whether a state is maintaining "effective control" of destroyed signs to meet the requirements of the Highway Beautification Act and implementing regulations including 23 CFR 750.707(d)(6)(i). Click here to view the memorandum.

August 2009
Click here to view the First Anniversary Issue of the FHWA, Office of Real Estate Services Newsletter. This newsletter focuses on events, activities, and announcements related to Real Estate and Outdoor Advertising Control program activities.

May 2009
FHWA created a tri-fold pamphlet to explain the background and purpose of the proposed definition of a "destroyed sign". Click here to view and print the pamphlet.

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